• Help! My X won’t even turn on!

First step, Relax. Second is the phone charged?  If these phones go dead, they go dead.  Try plugging your phone into a WALL charger for a minimum of an hour.  If that doesn’t work read on.

If you were in bootloader screen which looks like this, then you are wasting your time trying to charge it.  It will not charge from within this screen.  You will need to get a new battery that is charged or find a way to charge yours.

If none of the two above worked and you feel that the phone has a good charge try the following.  Press and hold power and home at the same time.  You will get a triangle with a little android guy.  Once you get to that screen hit the search hard key in the bottom right. You are now in stock recovery.  From within this screen you must use the volume up and down keys to navigate and the menu button to select.  To go back you use the power button.  You will need to wipe data/factory reset @ Wipe cache partition.  Once they are complete reboot the phone and this will hopefully bring you back to your operating system that has been reset.  You will not have ANY of the data or apps you had before and will need to start over.  This however is better than holding a $500.00 paperweight.

If still none of this works the phone might have sustained water damage (hopefully not) and is gone for good.  Or it is a hardware ie. you need a new battery or the phones hard components have stopped functioning.

If all fails and the phone has not been hacked (rooted, custom ROM’s ETC.) take it back to Verizon for a technician to look at it.

  • My phone is laggy and not acting right.

First troubleshooting tip is to turn the phone off and turn the phone back on (reboot). Remember you are holding a little computer and sometimes it needs to “reset” itself so to speak.

If the phone is still laggy and not acting right after this try a battery pull.  Pull the phones battery and leave it out for about a minute.  Once this is complete replace the batter and power on the phone.  If the phone is still laggy and not acting right keep reading on.

How many apps/widgets are you running? If you are running a TON of applications and homescreen widgets try removing some if not all of them temporarily to see if this helps the performance.  Lots of homescreen widgets can wreak havoc on your performance.  If you have tried all the above steps and still nothing is working read on.

Ok so here comes the ace in the whole.  If your phone is stock I would at this point do a factory reset.  You can do that by going to menu/settings/privacy/factory data reset. Once completed test your phone for the same issues.  If the phone is not hacked and is still having performance issues, return the phone to Verizon for service/replacement.  If you are running a custom ROM and having these issues try going to the forum where you have downloaded the ROM and look for troubleshooting tips from other users.

  • I am caught in a bootloop and can’t get out!

Ok, first of all deep breath, Second this is not uncommon and can be fixed most of the time.  If you are just simply booting over and over again at the bootlogo follow these instructions.

1. Pull the battery

2. Replace the battery and boot into STOCK recovery (Not clockwork) Instructions on how to get into stock recovery are: From the off position hold down the HOME hard key and the power button AT THE SAME TIME.  Once you get a triangle on the screen hit the SEARCH key.  This screen is STOCK recovery.

3. Scroll down using the volume keys and click with the camera button wipe data/factory reset. (You can also use menu to hit “ok”)

4. Using the same method as above wipe cache also.

5. Reboot the device.

This should clear what was corrupt and bring you back to whatever operating system you were just on.

If that doesn’t work there is a couple more things we can try. You can try accessing clockwork recovery mod (Droid-X Bootstrapper) from power off state.  Check out this link for a couple different ways.

If you were able to get into clockwork recovery mod.  Wipe data/factory reset & then wipe cache partition.  After that restore your stock backup.  If you do not have a stock backup then you can try flashing to another ROM that you have placed on your sd card.

If all of the above fails you have two options:

1.) Use the Maderstock method back to stock.

2.) SBF back to stock.

These are performed from the bootloader.  Make SURE you have the correct SBF file for the software version and bootloader you are on.  Click the links in the 1.) & 2.) sections 3 lines up for full instructions on how to perform.

  • I am getting random reboots!

First of all, this is one of the most common threads in the android forums.  Here are some trouble shooting tips you can try.

1.) Re-boot the phone on a daily basis.  These phones need to be rebooted just like any other computer. See if this cuts down on random unwanted reboots.

2.) If the reboot doesn’t work try booting into clockwork recovery mod or stock recovery and wiping cache.  Do not do a factory reset yet.

3.) If the first two steps prove to be unsuccessful you can try manually uninstalling all applications and see if that solves the problem. Lengthy I know but by the process of elimination some app might be corrupting the process and causing the reboot.

4.) If have still have no luck and the phone continues to reboot randomly try doing a factory data reset from settings /privacy.  If this does not solve the issue and the phone is NOT hacked return it to Verizon Wireless for service or replacement.

If you are running a custom ROM refer to the forums where the developer posted the ROM.  The above instructions are geared more for a stock phone. The developer or knowledgeable users within the thread might be able to point you towards a fix for your random reboots.

  • My phone keeps booting into clockwork recovery mod (bootstrapper)

If your phone is rebooting into clockwork recovery mod don’t freak out.  This actually isn’t a terrible thing.  However if it is annoying you and you would like your phone to reboot normally follow these steps.

1.) Click on the Droid-X Bootstrapper app.

2.) Click “Bootstrap Recovery” should have a fly in that says “success”

3.) Click Ok and then exit the application.

This should solve the problem of booting into Clockwork recovery mod/bootstrapper.


  1. jackie
    February 17, 2011 at 3:43 am

    I’m enjoying Rubix 1.9.7 alot and until today it has been completely glitch free. I was adding some widgets with desktop visualizer I had the phone freeze twice requiring hard reboot(first one since rooting). After that everything seemed OK though the phone was laggy so I removed the widgets with no improvement and then I noticed that all my photos were missing from the native 3d gallery as well as quickpics gallery. The JPEG files are there under sd/dcim/camera and sd/dcim/camerazoom but not accessible from gallery or Qpic. New pictures can be seen but diappear randomly after a hard reboot though still filed. Should I reflash the rom completely? I’ve looked at the threads at droid x forum and there seems to be problems with the camera but not the gallery so I’m not sure if there is another alternative.
    Despite everything I love the rom and would like to go back to it though I’m going to download the files for rubix blurry and darkslide to have alternatives.
    Thanks for any info. Feel free to answer here or directly

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