Q: Should I use a task killer for my Droid-X?  I always see Apps running in the back round and I think that it is taking up memory and draining my battery!

A: No.. Task killers are not needed for your Droid-X… I know, I know the guy/girl at Verizon told you they were a good idea right? Well they don’t know how the Android operating system works.  Each process is its own process in and of itself.. If your unit needs more memory for any certain task it will kill one or more tasks to allow for enough memory to run the process.  And no it is not killing your battery…

Q: My battery life is terrible! what can I do for better battery life?

A:  First off let me start by saying I have had PLENTY of cell phone and the Droid-X battery is very good… If it is draining super fast there are a few culprits.. 1.) Wifi, If you are not in an area where wifi is available, turn it off! This is normally culprit. 2.) Refresh intervals on your phone.  If you are having things sync up every five minutes or so it wreaks havoc on your battery.  Twitter apps drain batteries quickly.  If you are running a twitter app set it to refresh every hour or more. 3.) If you have had your phone for an extended period of time and don’t have any of the above running it could be the battery itself. 4.) Constantly charging the battery.. Let the battery do what it is supposed to do… It is ok if it drops below 90%.. People want to plug it in after it has dropped 10%.  Exercise your battery to get the best life out of it.

Q: What is Rooting?

A: Rooting your android device gives you “superuser” access to operating system of the phone.  It is the equivalent of an “administrator” on a windows based system.  Contrary to popular belief, rooting your phone will not speed it up, slow it down, or make it do anything that it doesn’t already do as far as performance.  The benefit of rooting comes afterwards when you can modify your phone to your liking.  Ie. speed it up, save battery, remove (freeze) unwanted applications(bloatware), install custom operating systems (ROMS), install custom themes and more.

Q: Does Rooting void my warranty?

A: Yes

Q: Can I brick my phone by rooting it?

A: Anything is possible.  However, I have rooted many phones and I have had NUMEROUS people use my Z4 Root tutorial and I have yet to see anyone brick their phone by simply rooting.

Q: What is Droid-X Bootstrapper?

A:Droid X bootstrapper is an EXCELLENT app (Credit Koush) that allows Droid-X users to make backups, flash ROMS, install themes, install mods and more.  This is essential to anyone hacking there phone and looking to install custom operating systems.  Check out my video tutorial HERE.

Q: How do I switch from one ROM to another?

A:  There is no difference switching from ROM to ROM. It is the same as going from stock ROM to Custom ROM.  Follow the same steps you have before but just make sure that if the ROM you are flashing has any “special” instructions be sure to follow them.

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