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Droid-X Email and Emails Clients

February 11, 2011 1 comment

I’m sure that some of the users who will read this switched to a Droid-X from Blackberry. I myself was a Blackberry user for many years prior to switching to the Droid line of phones. I started with the original  droid and then went to the X.  I’m sure some of you have noticed duplicate emails, lengthy waits for emails and maybe not getting them at all.  If you have a gmail account you are good and normally get them before your computer does.  But what if you don’t have a gmail account?

Lets say that you have a email account, Comcast account or Cox.  I noticed when I first switched to Droid that I grew frustrated quickly because my email wasn’t “real time” like blackberry.  I searched high and low for a solution to this and came up with this answer.

The Droid-X’s stock email client “email” is poor in my opinion.  I have switched from that to “Maildroid” an app in the market which is free with add support but also provides a paid version if you don’t like the adds.  Maildroid has given me back my “push” email and has yet to fail me after a good amount of use.  It seems more organized than the stock mail client and also has a feature where you can add multiple accounts.  You can also assign custom notifications to each email account.

In closing, if you are coming from a blackberry and have experienced issues with the stock email client DEFINITELY give maildroid a shot.  There is also another “aftermarket” mail client called K9Mail but I have found that maildroid takes the cake when it comes to email.

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Droid-X Dr. Soft Launch

February 8, 2011 5 comments

Thanks everyone for checking out the site for the first time.  This site is dedicated to being a Droid-X “hub” so to speak.  This site will include downloads, links, troubleshooting and much more.  This is a site for Droid-X users and only you can make it better.  Post comments on anything that you have had experience with.  This site will grow with the more subscribers and users it has.

I am in NO WAY, SHAPE or FORM trying to replace ANY of the droid X Forums.  I learned a TON from these sites and I am still an active member and will always be.  This is simply a place to come to see reviews, find links and downloads and maybe help someone out.  I would also like to thank everyone who has subscribed to my youtube channel as well as my twitter followers.

Thanks, and enjoy!

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About Blog Posts

February 6, 2011 1 comment

Site blog posts are dedicated to correct, updated and beneficial information.  These will not be stories about how frustrated I am or how great life is etc.  Everyone of these articles posted should give you knowledge of your device that you could have used in the past, present or future.

Please subscribe on the right side of the page to get the information update in an email form. Thanks for the support and hope you find these posts helpful!

Welcome To The Site!

February 2, 2011 Leave a comment

I would like to say first of all, thanks for viewing my site.  In this site you will find Motorola Droid-X tutorials, links, updates, troubleshooting and general questions.  I have dedicated my time to post videos, troubleshooting manuals, FAQ’s and more to make it a little easier for your Droid-X experience.

My goal is to make this site as user friendly as possible and to provide continuity from my YOUTUBE videos.  Feel free to comment on the site and ask questions. I do my absolute best to answer questions on YOUTUBE as soon as I possibly can.  I am hoping that this site will identify most of the common troubleshooting tips for hacked and unhacked phones.

In closing if you are looking to help out with the site I would greatly appreciate it.  I am going to try my best to keep the site as up to date as possible and with ACCURATE information.  I will “interview” people so to speak who would like to contribute to make sure that they have the experience needed to post accurate and helpful information.  If you are interested please leave me a YOUTUBE message @ XDroidRom..

Thanks again for viewing!

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