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Slow and Laggy Droid-X

February 13, 2011 4 comments

First troubleshooting tip is to turn the phone off and turn the phone back on (reboot). Remember you are holding a little computer and sometimes it needs to “reset” itself so to speak.

If the phone is still laggy and not acting right after this try a battery pull.  Pull the phones battery and leave it out for about a minute.  Once this is complete replace the batter and power on the phone.  If the phone is still laggy and not acting right keep reading on.

How many apps/widgets are you running? If you are running a TON of applications and homescreen widgets try removing some if not all of them temporarily to see if this helps the performance.  Lots of homescreen widgets can wreak havoc on your performance.  If you have tried all the above steps and still nothing is working read on.

Ok so here comes the ace in the whole.  If your phone is stock I would at this point do a factory reset.  You can do that by going to menu/settings/privacy/factory data reset. Once completed test your phone for the same issues.  If the phone is not hacked and is still having performance issues, return the phone to Verizon for service/replacement.  If you are running a custom ROM and having these issues try going to the forum where you have downloaded the ROM and look for troubleshooting tips from other users.

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Major Force Close Issue *Troubleshooting*

February 10, 2011 2 comments

Just wanted to make everyone aware of a HUGE issue that I just had with Liberty 1.5. Im not sure I can chalk it up to Liberty 1.5 100% but I will let you be the judge. It seemed to start like a small snow ball at the top of a hill and did nothing but get bigger.

First I noticed that my “Twidroyd” widget kept forceclosing.. No biggie.. I tried the app itself with the same result.

Second I tried to open my calendar to put in an event… That forceclosed also but with no notification of force closed..

So I rebooted.. No change..

I wiped cache… No Change..

THEN I tried to put in a password for the wifi at work… Forceclosed.. So I try a factory reset.. EVEN Bigger mistake.. (Have done before without issue)

Then my keyboard was force closing.. Now Im really screwed right??

Well almost… I powered down and put the phone into clockwork recovery by holding power and camera button at the same time.. WHen the M came up I released power and kept the camera button down.. I then let go of camera and booted int Clockwork Recovery Mod.. NOT Stock..

Long story short.. I installed a stable backup.. Just wanted to put this up incase someone had the same problem..

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