Android Terminology

Stock: Simply means an unaltered state, such as when you first purchase your phone from Verizon, or when you do a factory reset. Current stock image is Android 2.2 (Froyo)

Root: Common word associated with giving a user “super user” access to their phones programming and other various aspects that would normally not be possible.  Think of it as the administrator to your device.

Dev./Developer: An individual that creates, or alters a file in such a manner as to advance the program.

Nandroid Backup: A file typically created in the custom recovery program, such as “bootstrapper/Clockwork Recovery Mod”, that is a carbon copy of whatever state your phone is in before a drastic change is made.  The file is saved in restore on the SD card in case of and emergency while modifying your phone.

ROM: Or “read only memory” is the devices operating system.  These can be flashed through clockwork recovery mod.

Kernel: The governor of the CPU usage and Battery output, one can upload certain Kernels to achieve greater performance speed of their device at the cost of some battery life.

ClockworkMod: A recovery program that is often used to apply updates, ROMs, or create a back up or restore a backup file.

BootLoop: A bootloop is when your phone can not fully boot into its operating system.  The phone just keeps showing the boot logo over and over.  This can usually be fixed by installing a backup or pulling the battery and booting into stock recovery and doing a factory reset and a cache wipe.

Flashing: Think of the term flashing just as installing.  Nothing really more to be said about it… When you hear “Flashing A ROM”  That means that they are installing one through bootstrapper/clockwork recovery mod.

Overclocking: Speeding up the CPU past the factory presets to achieve a faster and more responsive device.

Underclocking: Slowing down the CPU mainly to limit battery usage.

OS: Operating system, I.E. MAC, Linux, Windows or Android.

Bricked/Brick: Term for a device that is unrecoverable.  Also known as an expensive paperweight.

Titanium Backup/TBU: EXTREMELY powerful tool which allows you to backup all apps, market links, remove bloatware and more.  Must have for root users looking to switch ROMs.

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