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Contacts and Backups

I have had A LOT of people ask me if they will lose their contacts or calendar appointments if they do a factory reset on their phone or flash a ROM.  The answer is no.  If you remember when you first went to an Android device that you had to make a Google account.  Now that you have a Gmail account all of your contacts and calendar appointments will be saved.  However I have seen people who do not have ALL of the contacts in google/gmail that are on their phone.  When you add a  contact it will ask you if want to use just the phone or put it on your google account.  ALWAYS put it on to your google account.

Here is what you can do to check and make sure.  Log into your google account from your computer.  Once inside of Gmail check and make sure that the contacts on your phone match up to those inside your contacts. If you will also open up your calendar you will notice that the appointments match which are on your phone.  You are also able to put an event into your gmail calendar and it will come up on your phone calendar.  This usually takes anywhere from 2 to 20 minutes based on reception.  If you are in a “roaming area” it will take longer.  This article should clear up some of the questions of loosing your contacts and calendar appointments.

Any questions feel free to post!

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  1. jackie
    February 16, 2011 at 9:59 pm

    Prior to romming I did not have all my contacts backed up at google because my phone did not ask so I didn’t know it could be done. I think this may be verizon since it backs up your contacts to their own service. Fortunately, you can access your verizon contacts on the verizon wireless web site and then syc them back to your phone. So if this happens to a verizon customer check out their web site. Thats how I got all my data back.

  2. josh
    March 17, 2011 at 10:29 pm

    I had a similar situation as jackie but I got my contacts back a different way. Google didn’t have them automatically synced but after I switched to the liberty rom I logged into my backup assistant Verizon wireless account, exported my contacts to a .csv file and then logged into gmail and imported them. I then synced with google account from my phone and it restored all my contacts.

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