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Major Force Close Issue *Troubleshooting*

Just wanted to make everyone aware of a HUGE issue that I just had with Liberty 1.5. Im not sure I can chalk it up to Liberty 1.5 100% but I will let you be the judge. It seemed to start like a small snow ball at the top of a hill and did nothing but get bigger.

First I noticed that my “Twidroyd” widget kept forceclosing.. No biggie.. I tried the app itself with the same result.

Second I tried to open my calendar to put in an event… That forceclosed also but with no notification of force closed..

So I rebooted.. No change..

I wiped cache… No Change..

THEN I tried to put in a password for the wifi at work… Forceclosed.. So I try a factory reset.. EVEN Bigger mistake.. (Have done before without issue)

Then my keyboard was force closing.. Now Im really screwed right??

Well almost… I powered down and put the phone into clockwork recovery by holding power and camera button at the same time.. WHen the M came up I released power and kept the camera button down.. I then let go of camera and booted int Clockwork Recovery Mod.. NOT Stock..

Long story short.. I installed a stable backup.. Just wanted to put this up incase someone had the same problem..

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  1. Brian
    February 10, 2011 at 9:44 pm

    I have Liberty 1.5 installed and I am having no force closes. But, odd things are happening. My Titanium Backup “lost” the pro key after rebooting a couple of times. Pandora has a hard time opening most of the time and takes a couple of minutes to start up even in good reception. Pandora has been wonky at times but has been good for the last month or so.

    • February 10, 2011 at 9:51 pm

      Try a cache wipe from clockwork recovery and see if that helps at all..

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